Midnight Moon "Midnight Rider"

Junior Johnson is an American icon. He began his driving career as an outlaw—running his family's bootleg liquor throughout Wilkes County, North Carolina, all the while developing the racing skills that would lead to a legendary NASCAR career. In 2007 he joined forces with Piedmont Distillers to produce Midnight Moon based on his family's original moonshine recipe. Role: Project lead of animation & compositing Directed by: Cassidy Gearhart Produced at: Public Record

Director: Cassidy Gearhart
Executive Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Line Producer: Anna Pitman
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Production Designer: Sarah Costello / PropTarts
Storyboard Artist: Fred Fassberger

Creative Director: Cassidy Gearhart
Designer: Evan Dennis
Project Lead: Jason Conradt
Animation and Compositing: Jason Conradt, John Stanch
Additional Design: Jason Conradt, Cassidy Gearhart, Device Creative Collaborative
Editor: Cassidy Gearhart
Producer: Jess Pierik
Colorist: Seth Ricart / Ricart & Co.

Music: Beacon
Audio Mix: Nutmeg
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